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  • Women of International Fiscal Association Network (WIN)

    The Women of International Fiscal Association Network (WIN) represents and connects women experts in international tax law within the International Fiscal Association (IFA). WIN is active in over 70 countries as part of the umbrella organization IFA. The IFA stands for a dynamic international tax community with more than 13,000 members from all over the world. In order to increase the visibility of the more than 2600 female members within the IFA, WIN pursues the following goals:

    • Building an international and trusted referral network of women in international taxation;
    • Increasing the level of women speakers and participation on IFA panels;
    • Increasing the visibility of women within IFA by establishing WIN groups at national level to improve the involvement and visibility of women in the IFA community locally.

    The personal and professional exchange within the network is promoted, among other things, by multinational, nationwide and regional meetings as well as regular video conferences.

    In Germany WIN has been active since 2016 as "Women of IFA Network Germany" (WIN Germany). WIN Germany currently connects about 300 female experts in international tax law. We regularly organize regional and supraregional network meetings and specialist events to exchange our ideas and to achieve our goals. . In addition, WIN Germany has already organized two tax conferences dealing with international tax matters- "Tax follows Business" in 2019 and "Tax follows Innovation" in 2020/2021 and bilateral and multilateral WIN seminars and conferences.

    More information about WIN International you can find on the following webpage: https://www.ifa.nl/about-ifa/win

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    The IFA

    The IFA is a worldwide association based in Rotterdam and was founded more than 70 years ago. The purpose of the IFA is the study and promotion of international and comparative tax law. The IFA realises its purpose in particular through scientific research, the organisation of conferences and seminars and the publication of studies. Currently, the IFA has more than 13,000 members worldwide, both individuals and companies.

    Source and more information at: https://www.ifa.nl/

    The German Association of the IFA

    The German Association of the IFA is the national group of the IFA and is the association of all members of the IFA based in Germany. Its members include representatives of companies, the tax consulting professions, the financial administration, the judiciary, academia and associations. Currently, the German national group has around 1500 natural persons and companies as members.

    Source and further information at: https://www.ifa-deutschland.de/

  • IFA 2022

    Look forward to interesting events during the 74th IFA Convention from September 4 - 8 in Berlin.

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    IFA 2022

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    Look forward to exciting sessions & interesting panels with top-class speakers & participants* from all over Germany.

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