Dr. Cyrille Waguet is co-founder and technical director (CTO) of incontext.technology GmbH (INCTEC), a deep-tech company with a focus on smart automation. Special attention is paid to increasing effectiveness and supporting sustainability in Industry 4.0 and in critical infrastructures. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, the company offers a product for intelligent monitoring that can be easily integrated with existing business processes and system landscapes. The product promotes transparency, effectiveness and resilience of processes and equipment. INCTEC has been awarded several times for its product as “AI champion Baden-Württemberg 2021” or “Newcomer 2021 in the Industry 4.0″ by Orange and was winner at the SNCF/Orange development challenge.

Cyrille holds a PhD in computational mathematics from the University of Heidelberg and engineering degree from Centrale Nantes. With over 25 years of experience in the development of data-intensive applications and research in applied mathematics, his work focuses on predictive analysis for industrial IoT.

Cyrill Waguet
incontext.technology GmbH (INCTEC)